After film successes: RTL continues “Alarm for Cobra 11”

Recently, three 90-minutes of “Alarm für Cobra 11” ran with good odds in RTL’s program. Now it is clear: More stories are to follow. Thus, the “Cobra” is approaching another milestone to a certain extent.

Since the beginning of January, RTL has been relying on 90-minute police films on its Tuesday evening; before the dune thrillers that started this week, there were already three feature films of the long-lasting production “Alarm für Cobra 11” from Action Concept. All three celebrated their premiere on pay TV at the streamer RTL+ in the autumn. While no call numbers are known on the streaming platform, the highway police secured linearly constant double-digit market shares among 14- to 49-year-olds. On average, the three-pack landed at around twelve percent.

Accordingly, it is already clear that more stories of “Alarm for Cobra 11” will be ordered. Exact details regarding this order do not yet exist, but an RTL spokesman told that “we will continue with the ‘Cobra’.” Thus, the TV pension of Chief Commissioner Semir Gerkhan, still portrayed by Erdogan Atalay, is still to come. Pia Stutzenstein has been investigating at his side for some time in the role of Vicky Reisinger. Gizem Emre, Patrick Kalupa and Nicolas Wolf can be seen in other continuous roles. In 2021, the future of the “Cobra” was not so certain. For the first time, there was a long production break; from which the movies were then implemented from winter 21/22.

This year, based linearly on Tuesdays, “Cobra 11” is part of a new film series strategy, with which RTL is guided by the strong public service series. Currently, Tuesday evening belongs to “thin thrillers”, in February the first two parts of a new series called “Sonderlage” will follow, in which the former “Nord bei Nordwest” actress Henny Reents can be seen prominently. Film adaptations of Sebastian Fitzek stories are also to be broadcast in the coming weeks as part of the RTL Service Day. On top of that, RTL had ordered other crime films, including Miss Merkel.