Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions.
Do you have any questions about the RTL series Alarm for Cobra 11? Then you are exactly right here!

  1. When will “Alarm for Cobra 11” be broadcast?

The series (“Alarm für Cobra 11”) has occupied the prime time slot on Thursday at 8:15 pm on RTL for many years.

  1. Can you visit the filming of “Alarm für Cobra 11” or visit the film set?

A visit to the filming is unfortunately not possible for organizational reasons! Please understand that a high number of visitors would disrupt the regular production run of the series. Unfortunately, we are also unable to offer set visits for personal occasions.

  1. Can I play in “Alarm für Cobra 11”?

Yes you can “! The production is always looking for suitable extras who should fill the film image with their presence. You can find more information on the Internet at, among others

  1. How do I get the actors’ autograph cards?

You can get free autographs from the Cobra 11 stars in the production company Action Concept. Please note that your request can only be answered with a sufficiently stamped envelope. You should be aware that a return envelope (C5 size) must be enclosed with your address , to which an answer and the names of the performers you would like to receive the signature card.

You can send it to: c / o Action Concept / An der Hasenkaule 1-7 / 50354 Hürth

  1. Can we forward fan mail to the performers?

This is not possible due to the high administrative volume. Please send fan mail to the production company “action concept“. Please note that you enclose a stamped return envelope with your address in order to receive an answer.

  1. How many more episodes of “Alarm for Cobra” will there be?

Since the RTL series is currently very successful in the program, a short-term cancellation is not in sight. RTL decides on the respective continuations after assessing the quotas.

  1. Where is the “Alarm for Cobra 11 filmed”?

The series “Alarm für Cobra 11” is filmed in the larger areas of Cologne, Düsseldorf as well as in Hürth and Bonn. The production company’s team has been shooting the spectacular autobahn scenes since 2005 on a film autobahn, “FTL Germany” in Aldenhoven. A tour of the film highway is not possible.

  1. Are there any fan articles from “Alarm für Cobra 11”?

A large selection of DVDs and games for the RTL action series are available in stores. We recommend the singles “Sexy”, “Drive my Car”, “The Longing” and the debut album “Superficial Animal” by lead actor and singer Tom Beck.

  1. Can you download episodes of the series?

No! Services or programs where you can watch TV programs, series or cinema films for free or even download them are for the most part illegal. “Alarm für Cobra 11” can be conveniently obtained via the video-on-demand portal “RTLnow” and via the additional software “iTunes”. Here we have listed six ways for you to legally enjoy “Alarm for Cobra 11”.

  1. Can I get recordings of “Alarm für Cobra 11”?

    Unfortunately, the broadcaster RTL cannot make recordings of series because the material is copyrighted. RTL has only acquired the broadcasting rights.

  2. Difference: broadcast relay – production relay

    The “Production Relay” indicates the order in which the episodes were produced. The “Broadcasting Season” episode guide shows the order in which the episodes of the action series run across the screen on RTL. There is also a DVD guide in which the order is also different.
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions