Production Locations

Initially, Brandenburg was the place of main production Locations, later it was moved to the Rhineland between Krefeld and Cologne, because on the one hand the headquarters of the production company action concept is located there and on the other hand the section of the motorway in the south of Berlin, which was closed in the 1960s and where filming was initially carried out , demolished and renatured. The first office was a building of the former Bravo checkpoint near Dreilinden.

Production Locations

Since 2005, the Alarm-for-Cobra-11 crew has also had its “own” motorway, FTL Germany, a film motorway in Siersdorf near Aldenhoven. There is an approximately 1000 m long stretch of motorway that is rented for filming. Previously, the A540 was shot in Grevenbroich, as this route is part of a motorway that has not yet been fully implemented, is comparatively little traveled and is easy to cordon off. The site in Aldenhoven can be rented by anyone for filming, testing and events.
Most of the stunt scenes in the series are filmed on this route.

The office building is located on the premises of the action concept company. For the season 18 pilot, Resurrection, most of the scenes were filmed in Austria in Tyrol. The production traveled six days to Tirana for the pilot film Vendetta to shoot scenes for it.

In Cobra, take over! the scenes were filmed in the showdown of the pilot in the port of Liège. The episode FKK-Alarm für Semir takes place on the Baltic island of Rügen.

In the pilot film Beyond Eden, some scenes take place in a bunker. The former alternate seat of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia in Kall-Urft served as the filming location. For the depiction of the scenes in the Atacama Desert, the Garzweiler opencast mine near Grevenbroich was shot.